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Wonder Woman Fan Club
New Member Application

I've marked what I absolutely need from you, and what's up to you! 
(Totally Necessary)
or (Optional)
And Remember:
All Members are Automatically Placed on the Wonder Woman Universal List! 
Anywhere else is up to what you send me.

Just complete this form.  Click on Submit Once when ready to send.

The Wonder Woman Universal List is a listing of every single member alphabetically. 
Everyone is automatically on it.  
How you are on it, is determined by questions 1 - 3.

1. Enter your name as you want it to appear:  (Totally Necessary)
This can be your full name, an alter-ego identity, any name you wish in any form.

2. Enter your email address:   (Totally Necessary)
Every now and then someone forgets to put the entire email address, so just a little reminder that an email address must be in this format:

3. Do you want to be on the Universal List Only? (Optional)

Everyone is on the Universal List automatically. BUT members are also listed by their location. This question determines if you want to be listed by your location.

If you want to only be on the Universal List and keep your location anonymous, then choose yes. 
If Yes, the next three Questions are NOT Necessary

If you want to be listed by where you are located in the world as well, then choose no.
If, No, then the next three Questions ARE Necessary.

4. Enter Your Country
5. Enter Your State or Province
6. Enter Your City
7. Would you like to have your image in the Fan Gallery?
You will need to send the Webmistress your image separately from this form as we do not have an uploading function to submit files. Please make the subject line "Fan Gallery" and include your name as listed in this application.
8. What is your Birth Month? 
9. Do you have a Website you want in the Fan Web?
Enter the title of your website: (Totally Necessary)
Enter the URL (Address) of your website: (Totally Necessary)